Well hello there…

If you’re on this page, it’s likely i met you at a recent gig. Firstly… thank you so much for getting out there and supportive live music right now… it’s been a tough time for everyone and gigging is the thing that keeps musicians going! SO THANK YOU!

But also… this means you’ve been to one of MY gigs which makes it even more special. Thanks so much for supporting and being a general legend. I’ve got a couple of little treats for you below to say thanks… just because.  

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I love ya. Thank you so much! 

K xxxx

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Take a listen to this very first ever play through my lead single, Home, with my amazing band! Enjoy our critique after haha!

HOME (First Live Rehearsal)KAELI
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More of a visual kind of person? Why not watch this live session of You + I from the Abubilla studios in Spain?

Thanks so much for stopping by! x